the moon now in aquarius. a swivel, fixed. when i think aquarius i think of an expansion rooted deep in the ribs of this earth. i think of the water bearer, holding pouring. i forgot what i had wanted to say, but i know i want to say something. there are many constant threads thatContinue reading i wrote an entire resonant chunk but it didn’t save, and it feels like an exorcism. that perhaps those words weren’t supposed to be archived, materialised. this song, its lyrics… the words escape me now, only a really really complex tight knot of affect remains. the contours of a memory i typed with suchContinue reading

morning hazy with skin sensitive to every thread on my sheets and left arm aching. my body is fighting overtime now, with the second dose of hollow cells. i think it’s a fever, but i can’t be sure. this heat pooling under my right arm resting on a bolster, this throbbing slow in my head.Continue reading

for about two months now, since i’ve returned to singapore from taiwan, i’ve had drafts upon drafts of thoughts i’d wanted to post on this space. for about two months now, i kill those drafts or let them sit unseen because they didn’t feel enough. i’m sick of feeling like this world is inhabitable andContinue reading